Our Mission

At West End Scott Street Kindergarten, it is our mission to work in partnership with children, parents and community, provide a high quality, play-based learning environment that incorporates family and community values. We strive to provide an environment that is welcoming, nurturing, inclusive and provides opportunities for our children to develop positive dispositions to learning. We acknowledge and celebrate the diverse cultural and social backgrounds and experiences of our children. Our centre recognises each child as an individual and fosters an inclusive, accepting environment.


  • We believe that all children are competent and capable learners. We offer a safe, flexible environment where play, exploration, discovery, curiosity form our pedagogy.
  • We acknowledge and treat children as unique individuals.
  • We create an inclusive and stimulating learning environment where children are encouraged to make decisions about their own learning. Children are supported to develop positive dispositions to learning.


  • We acknowledge the extensive and varied growth and development that has occurred in the home.
  • Seek to develop and maintain genuine, reciprocal relationships between children, families, staff and community.
  • Respect and value the individual backgrounds and unique culture and customs of families.


Our staff are passionate, qualified and experienced. Staff engage in ongoing professional development and critical reflection and are committed to continual professional growth. Our collaborative approach ensures all staff are respected as individuals and are valued as a member of the team. The Early Years Learning Framework (V2), Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines, Listening and Learning Together: C&K Curriculum Approach 2019 and National Quality Standards are embedded in our daily practice to ensure our children receive the highest quality education and care.